Iran crisis escalates…

April 1, 2007

1) Students in Tehran protest the supposed entry of British sailors into Iranian waters while international pressue builds up against Iran including President Bush´s reference to the sailors as “hostages”.

2) Former Wisconsin Governor and Health Secretary Tommy Thomspson announces his candidacy for the GOP nomination for president in 2008. 

3) Presidential Candidate John McCain tells the press that the media is not covering improving security conditions in Iraq after returning from a trip to Baghdad.

4) Hillary Clinton sets a new fundraising record by raising $26 million in the first three months of the year.


1. IRAN- Iran continues to hold 15 British sailors after being captured by Iran´s Revolutionary Guards in the Persian Gulf. Iranian authorities claim that the Royal Navy vessel, which was conducting an inspection of a merchant ship, was in Iranian waters at the time of it´s capture while UK authorities have stated that this was clearly not the case. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that if Iranian forces should not cooperate, his government is ready to move to a “new phase”- perhaps hinting at contesting the Iranians more publicly.

2. GONZALES- Attorney General Alberto Gonzales continues to defend the Justice Departments dismissal of several US Attorneys as not being politically motivated.  Several Critics have called for Gonzales´ resignation after he reportedly lied under oath about the motivations behind the firings. Meanwhile, a top Gonzales aide will use her 5th amendment rights to refuse to testify before a US Senate Committee investigating the allegations.

3. Democrats have succeeded in including a non-binding timeline for withdrawl from Iraq in a bill which passed the senate in a narrow 50-48 vote over the threat of a veto by the president.

4. TONY SNOW- White House Press Secretary Tony Snow´s cancer has reportedly been discovered to have spread to his liver. This news comes after the press secretary had described the the surgery as precautionary and praised presidential candidate John Edward´s wife in her fight against cancer.